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Hi! We're the Snows!

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Our mission is to create what we call, "Whole-Life" success for ourselves and for others. Our goal is to help each person that we meet to be better than they were before- mentally and physically.

A few months ago, I started thinking to myself... Here we are, we have this wonderful family, and business in our nutrition club... but we didn't have a long- term growth plan. For years, our business hadn't thrived because we were geographically separated from our club due to our military moves. We would gain some momentum with a few superstars that had lots of promise, then slow because at the end of the day- no one runs your business quite like you do. Those people lacked a huge aspect of becoming a great leader: a great mentor. I spent countless hours and many sleepless nights nit-picking every aspect of our business because it was the only thing that I could control from 3000 miles away. Our food cost was on point, our website was flawless, our systems were impeccable. What our team really needed however, was me to be there for them when they were having a hard day. They needed me to guide them in the right direction and for me to be their biggest cheerleader. Being honest, this wasn't something that I was able to provide them at the time, not because I didn't want to, but because I was pretty lost myself.

I found that I was leading them in a direction, but that direction was circular. I knew all the right things to say, but took no action myself to show the team how it was done. I felt totally out of my element, and was completely distracted ever since moving away from home for the first time to the complete opposite side of the country. My sole focus was moving home to Rhode Island and until that happened, I had mentally put our business on pause. Eventually, excuse after excuse allowed me to hobble along for 5 years until we finally got orders to move home.

When we moved home to RI, I felt both excitement and panic. Excitement because of the obvious- I got to be in the same town with my business, my family and everything I've ever known (my comfort zone). Panic because there were no more excuses. It was time to deliver.


Sometimes, it takes stepping out of your comfort zone to step into your greatness.


Whenever the first step has seemed overwhelming in the past, I've always started with what I knew how to do, and then challenged my mind to grow from there. With this in mind I went back to work on what lit my fire in the first place: loving on our business. I focused on letting customers know that they were appreciated, making sure that the experience in our club was unlike anything else in customers lives, and dreaming about growth. What I came to find out was that thoughts lead to words, and words lead to actions, and before I knew it, we were opening our second location about 20 minutes away.

Our business model is pretty cool in that way- Allowing us to share the success that we're having with others that want the same thing. When I started thinking and speaking our goals into existence, people started asking how they could get started. Shortly after, an opportunity arose for our first apprentice Erica to open her nutrition club, and the vision became very, very clear all at once.

I was and will be forever so grateful to Erica for having the faith in us at the beginning to help her open her own small business. Sometimes it takes another person to believe what you're doing for you to believe in yourself. Her belief birthed a confidence in our business model, our mission and values that allowed us to continue pursuing further growth.

Our first nutrition club owner, Erica

Now that we had proved our business model worked in another location, more and more people started asking about what we were doing and what it would take for them to be a part of it. I knew I needed to create a structure that would support rapid growth- this thing was about to blow up and I knew it. So I went to work. I wanted to create something that would empower those who wanted to open clubs with all the tools and knowledge that they would need as to take the fear away... I got your back. And so, The Snow Effect was born.

Today, we continue to grow with more and more individuals deciding to take control of their life, stop making excuses and go to work on their dreams. We are so humbled to have the opportunity to mentor these people, and to continue learning from them as well.

Looking forward to sharing our journey with you all.


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